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Expand Your Job Search Through Executive Recruiters

Once you make the decision to begin your job search, you will probably leverage three different tactics: search the various job boards; leverage your network of contacts; and reach out to Executive Recruiters who specialize in your field.

Too often, the best opportunities are not even posted on the main job boards. Instead, hiring managers will reach out to their network of contacts to see if they can identify potential candidates. Many times, this means that they will rely upon Professional Recruiters that they have worked with before, perhaps even when they were looking for a job.

In order to be considered for these “hidden” roles, you need to do a number of things, the first of which, is to get into that “top of mind” category. By establishing a strong professional network, that includes Executive Recruiters who specialize in placing people within your industries, the odds of you being considered for a wider range of opportunities greatly expands.

In order to make a connection with these key Recruiters, you can simply leverage your Linkedin network. Many of these recruiters will be connected to people you already have in your network. By sending them a personalized invitation to join your network, you will be able to tap into a much larger source of new job opportunities.

However, just simply connecting with a Recruiter won’t generate the results you really need. It’s good to cultivate that relationship by reaching out and sending them a brief cover letter describing your background. Remember, they make money by filling the open positions they are working on – not on helping you specifically find a job. Therefore, even when you are dealing with Executive Recruiters, you must be at the right place at the right time. They are looking for candidates to fill their current search, so don’t get discouraged if the relationship doesn’t produce an interview right away. They will have other searches in the future and you will need to periodically reach out to them in order to increase the chances of finding a match.