Have a look at these in-demand, well-paying careers you should consider.

Graduation rates in America have increased over the years but the rate of students getting degrees has dropped. This shows that the enrollment rate is the country is on the decrease. One reason could be the cost of a degree. Faced with the outrageous amounts in tuition fees, many Americans have opted to seek opportunities outside of the education system.

While it is fact that in America it is becoming harder without a degree to get a high paying job, there are opportunities that come with quite a pay and do not necessarily need a college education. If you have not already become part of the workers making big bucks from these jobs, you can by sharpening up your skills, networking, and wisely managing your career.

Here are some high paying in-demand jobs you can land and make big bucks.

Custom brokers

The work of a customs broker is simply and directly defined; facilitate the cross-border movement of goods. As such, they lessen the client’s stress of dealing with all the regulation on shipping and the customs officials. By simply being in the know on changing dynamics in the industry, this is a career that is easily mastered. To be a broker, the requirements are

  •     Be of good morality
  •     American citizen and of 21 years
  •     Not currently a federal employee

The median income of a customs broker stands at $68,737 a year according to the Department of Labor.

Licensing Examiner

An examiner investigates the eligibility and conformity with permits and licenses. They give tests for vehicle operating licenses. The qualifications to be one are quite simple; high school education and a brilliant communicator. At an average salary of $65,000 a year in salary, it is a job worth your consideration.

Makeup artists

From fashion to being the one that enhances beauty, features, smoothing flaws, this is a growing lucrative career path. The minimum required education level is high school. Grasping the concepts and being unique and precise is all it takes to flourish in this industry. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a makeup artist makes $36,861 a year. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you may as well have a lucrative career in what you love.


You love dancing, don’t you? From ballets to parades, a choreographer creates the routines for performers and makes the dances compliment the tale. While a bachelor’s degree is an added advantage, there are no formal educational requirements to be a choreographer. Averagely, choreographers are making $49,898 a year.

Database manager

A database administrator stores and organizes data with specialized software. He makes the data secure and easily available to people who need it. While some jobs require a degree, most employers are hiring managers who simply have an in-depth knowledge in database languages such as the SQL. A database manager earns an average of $64,116 a year.

With or without higher education, you should consider these jobs and make them your career path. Your skills and passions could give you an amazing career and earn you a decent living. Develop and learn in-demand skills and get that career up and running, will you?

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