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Your Unemployment Benefits Guide

Losing your job can be one of the most stressful moments in your life. However, getting laid off or fired does not have to be a cause for gloom and doom. If you are laid off, you should not panic. Take the necessary steps to make sure that you are getting your final paycheck, your unemployment compensation if you are eligible, your benefits and pension funds and the severance pay if your employer offers it.

Your employer should help you get references if possible before you start your job search. If you are laid off, the only way to bounce back is to be proactive and not being so hard on yourself. You should understand that getting laid off is a result of things and activities that are completely out of your control. This means that there is nothing tricky or difficult when applying for a new job. Here are various tips on what you should do when you get laid off.

Understand Who Qualifies for Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits may be collected if you find yourself out of employment through no fault of your own which can include layoffs. If you are jobless since you decided to quit, or you were fired because of misconduct, then you are not eligible. This is the main reason why you need to understand as quickly as possible the cause or nature of your termination from your HR. You should also check your state’s unemployment requirements since they vary from one state to the other.

How Long Can You Be Unemployed?

The period you take to find another job depends on the nature of your termination and the job network you have. It also depends on the preparation you have before starting your job search process. There are several things you can do to make your layoff less painful. Avoid being stressed up and start looking for another job quietly and carefully. Most employers will understand the reason why you are looking for a job and won’t bother you. However, you should avoid trashing your employer in your interviews.

Know the Paperwork You Need to Claim Unemployment Benefits

You should understand that there is a lot of paperwork that is associated with a layoff. First, you should get your health insurance documents, and your unemployment paperwork filled out. You will be in the position to feel better after completing these administrative tasks. Your health insurance paperwork will look different depending on the nature of your termination. Some employees can extend your health coverage depending on your severance plan while others will terminate your health insurance immediately.

Understand What Your Employer Needs to do on Your Behalf

Your former employee should provide you with a short letter on the company letterhead from someone in Human Resource, hopefully, the director. It should state the main reason why you were laid off. This letter will be helpful when you are looking for another job. Also, your former employee should provide you with a letter of recommendation as well as information about how you can apply for unemployment in your current state.

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Losing Your Job

You should be aware of these common mistakes after being laid off or fired from your job.

  • Do not trash your former employee in any networking or interview conversations.
  • Do not consider yourself fired.
  • Do not hide the fact that you have been laid off.
  • Do not feel like you have failed personally.